July / August email 2014

Dear World in Work Members…27 August 2014 email

In this email…

  1. Our July and August summary – Logging in, News and lots more jobs
  1. How to tweet your World in Work profile – be unique and get noticed
  1. Our Job seeker project – Would you like to take part?
  1. Jobs at Kwik-Fit – Apprentices to Master fitters
  1. Coming soon  - A progress update on our student and apprenticeship job board




July and August in numbers

  • 147 University recruitment pages with hundreds of jobs added to our new education sector on the job board. Lecturers, cleaners, receptionists, finance managers CEO’s and more
  • 11829 times our @worldinwork tweets were viewed on Twitter
  • 116 new members joined with full profiles
  • 20 new employers began using the website for their recruiting process
  • 5th Place – Merseyside jumped from 10th to 5th in our league of number of users per county, London and Essex are still 1st and 2nd. So share the website with your friends via email / Facebook / twitter or maybe write someone a letter!!!! and help the people in your area find work

In response to a number of member requests about our emails hitting your junk mail setting, simply add us to your safe senders list or add this email to your inbox, but the best way to check if you have been contacted by an employer, if you have a CV request or to keep checking our job board is keep logging in to your profile and check for messages.

The summer of sport continued in 2014, the Commonwealth Games served up 17 sports in 11 days, and Glasgow carried on where the London 2012 games, the inspiration for creating World in Work, left off. The athletes did their part, but this great event was created and delivered by the amazing people of Glasgow and beyond, and if you know anyone who is looking for a new opportunity to use the experience they gained working on the games, feel free to forward this email to them.

During July and August we have engaged with a number of employers, most recently the great people at Kwik-Fit, take a look below at the full Kwik-Fit article, and if you are interested they will be searching World in Work for potential new candidates from apprentices to master fitters, as always with World in Work you can apply direct to them.

Finally, if you have a story to share with us about your job search, or if you’re an employer and would like us to mail shot your vacancies to our members for free contact us @ info@worldinwork.co.uk
So get in touch, we may even post it on our blog to help others.

We look forward to hearing from you, have a great September.

June 2014 Email

Dear World in Work Members…25 June 2014 email

In this email

  1. Our summary – A busy period for WIW!
  2. How to use the World in Work Job board – 1000’s of jobs, no agencies
  3. Members feedback – Stories from our members
  4. Life Ready – A charity that helps job seekers
  5. Purple CV’s  - A CV writing service with a discount for WiW members

We hope you are all enjoying the summer, the World cup, Wimbledon, and the new companies we are continually adding to our unique job board. WiW have had a very busy month with hundreds of new members all over the UK, creating a new insurance sector for our registration page, and lots of site visits to Job Centres.

During June we visited Toxteth Job Centre in Merseyside to launch our new empowering Job seekers project, and Tottenham Hotspur Football club in London for a recruitment day with Tottenham Job Centre. Our Job Centre project is now up and running and we are working with Toxteth Town Hall, Blackburn House and GTDT, we hope to launch more in the near future to help people all over the UK.

At the recruitment day we met a charity called Life Ready who help people back into work, they are running events in central London, so have a look at their details in this email.

New World in Work Poster

The August 2014 poster for World in Work is here.

Print off our August 2014 Poster and add it to the notice boards in your University, College, Job Centre, Shop or place of business.

Using the World in Work job board

How to use the World in Work Job Board v2


To use the www.worldinwork.co.uk job board follow the steps below…


1. Log in or register at www.worldinwork.co.uk


2. Click on the blue Job Board tab in the menu


3. When the job board loads, select the industry that you would like to work in


4. Then just click on the “view jobs” icon below each company and you will be directed to that company’s careers page or current vacancies page


There are no recruitment agencies on the World in Work job board, only real companies for you to apply to. Remember, most companies have roles such as Sales, Project manager, Administrator, etc. so you just need to decide on the industry you would like to use your skills in. If you know your industry you can just click on that sector and you’ll find links direct to the recruitment pages of companies you’ve heard of and many you haven’t.

All you need to do next is click on the “view jobs” links, check if the company has any vacancies to suit you and apply for the roles, if they have no vacancies at present to suit you, or none in your area you may want to consider a speculative application, some companies may even request you do this.


World in Work will continue to add to our job board so you have the best chance of landing the right job for you.


Good luck and let us know how you get on.
World in Work Team


Coming Soon to World in Work

World in Work will be launching some additional pages to its website during March to make finding work easier still. We will be posting available job links from around the UK.

Watch for our next email and March blog, because over the forthcoming months, not only will this be a great help to you, our Job Seekers and our employers, we also hope it will be a first ever in the UK, it could even be something some of you are part of.

As always your feedback is appreciated.

World in Work and London Metropolitan University

On February the 20th 2013 World in Work launched a competition with London Metropolitan University to get their students to create our next Poster campaign for Students everywhere. World in Work wants to help students find work during studies, if required, by allowing them to advertise themselves as available part time, so employers with part time roles can find them. We also want to let student’s advertise themselves for work opportunities post study, whether a placement or a career.

The competition is simple, the students have been presented with a “brief” of our requirements much as we would with a design agency, they then create their design to the brief and World in Work along with a number of industry specialists vote on the winning design. The design will then be printed and placed in all the universities supporting World in Work’s plan to find work for all students. Updates to the competition will be in our March Blog update and the Winner will be announced in our April Blog. So good luck to all those that take part.

World in Work and the DWP – JCP (Department for Work and Pensions – Job Centre Plus)

World in Work and the DWP – JCP have been working together since September 2012 to find work for people who gained experience during the Olympics. In December 2012 World in Work opened its database to everyone else who wants to find a job as well as the “Games Graduates”, and our partnership with the DWP – JCP has been growing ever since.

We have recently embarked on a focused recruitment drive to place people in specific careers. We will be contacting employers from those careers and informing them about how many people we have available on our site who can be contacted for free. We will also be providing our members with email addresses of employers to forward their profile pages to (see “send my profile” post), so our job seekers can be proactive in their approach to finding new work. So why not speak to your Local Job centre plus about taking part in the one of our focused scheme’s. For every career where we receive 50 or more eligible applicants we will create a focused scheme. Maybe you have a group on Linked in you belong to, or another social media group site, if so why not ask your fellow members to all target a specific job role on World in Work, if you can get enough people together we will even start a new focused drive just for your group. Drop us a line at info@worldinwork.co.uk and tell us about your plan, we’ll put some of them on here if you wish, so whoever organises it gets the credit they deserve and can show themselves off for their drive and ambition to do things differently

Improvements and Updates to Make Job Seeking Even Easier

World in Work has launched 3 new functions on its members profile pages.

  1. Send my profile
  2. Print my profile
  3. Download my CV

The idea behind this is to allow YOU, our members, to make your profile page work even harder for you, so it not only acts as an on-line advert, it now also acts as a cover letter / email or introduction letter / email for you to send to employers. So once you have created a profile you’re happy for employers to see, you can send it via email direct to employers, or print it out and send it via post.


Send my profile

If you have seen a job advertised with an email address for contact, you simple make your profile page into a cover email. Stating the kind of role you’re looking for, the kind of company you would like to work for. Your skills or transferable skills, what you can offer and a brief section of your most recent experience, examples of successes are also appreciated by employers, as long as they are not too wordy.

When you click “send my profile” the employer receives an email like the one below.


When they click on the View blah/blah’s profile they will be shown a copy of your profile. If they like what they see, they can login and contact you about the vacancy.


Print my Profile

If you have seen a job advertised where the employer asks for a cover letter, you can create your profile to read like a cover letter. Then print it off and add it to your CV when you send it to the employers address. Use the same information as in the “send my profile” and keep it brief, your CV is there for more detail. Remember your profile is your shop window to get them into your shop and show them your CV.


Download my CV

When you access your profile, click the “edit my profile” tab and then the “Documentation/Profile Picture” link. You will see a file name appear next to your CV, click here and you can download your CV from any Computer that you use to access your World in Work account.

Tips For Employers

When you carry out a search the people returned in the search are listed in order of “Most recently updated profile at the top”

However based on the feedback received to date we have added a filter, so now you can list your searches by hourly rates – low to high or high to low.

Welcome to the World in Work Blog



Welcome to the World in Work blog. We will keep this blog up to date with the latest World in Work updates and useful recruitment information, including:

  • Tips for improving your World in Work profile
  • Advice for improving your CV
  • Latest employers searching on World in Work (and how to cater your profile so they will find you)
  • Job vacancies and openings
  • Job opportunities 
  • Interview advice
  • …and more